Monitoring of Medications and Medical Care

It’s crucial to closely monitor your elderly loved ones’ medication regimens when caring for them. This is because as people age, their immune systems tend to weaken. Taking the wrong medications can have unfavorable side effects that could cause them to develop new symptoms or exacerbate existing ones. 

Therefore, it is essential to routinely monitor all residents’ medications and dietary supplements to lower safety risks.

To achieve the best possible health outcomes, we help residents take their prescribed medications with a chart and ensure that the drug name, dosage, day, and time are strictly followed.

Seniors go through a very delicate time as they age because they are more prone to accidents and injuries because of their deteriorating health and occasionally limited flexibility.

Therefore, it is crucial to managing their health appropriately because failing to do so may make them more susceptible to serious health issues.

Because of this, we have put in place qualified personnel and fully stocked first aid kits to meet the needs of Silver Seasons’ residents in the event of emergencies or unanticipated contingencies.